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Extend your existing accounting and ERP systems by integrating with Axacute Inventory and Production modules. 

Axacute Integration with Quickbooks
Axacute Integration with Quickbooks

Enhanced Coordination

ERP & Accounting Systems

The advantage of integration with ERP or accounting system is better process coordination. Both master and maintenance data can be easily added into the system via API connection.

Axacute can handle the transactions with bar code scanning that take place in the warehouse and shop floor, which is not cover by ERP or accounting system.

We now have ready integration with QuickBooks.

Functional Tool

Data Import & Export Automation

Axacute provides the feature where the data integration can be done via the CSV/Excel file auto import and export. It save time by eliminating manual process and it provides customize fields in the file format.

Axacute Features Data Import
Axacute integration features Open API

Connection at your fingertips

Open API

Axacute offers an easy to connect Open REST API which enables connection to your online stores, custom websites, ERPs, BI Tools and etc. Our Open API enables pulling and pushing the data available in Axacute.

  • Import and export data
  • Inquiries
  • Reports
  • Historical transaction logs
  • Audit logs – tracks value changes to field
  • Custom fields
  • Roles and screen permission

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