Executing Effective Inventory Management

Get the most out of Axacute’s Inventory Module


Designed to manage most of the critical Warehouse operations such as receiving and returns, put-away, stock movement, inventory counting, replenishment, order allocation, order picking, packing and shipping. 


Get full access to your inventory data in real time such as stock levels, where exactly is your stock located across multiple warehouses, lot tracking and many more from your computer or mobile. 


Low IT infrastructure costs. Manage all inventory on the cloud and scale up whenever you need it without the cost, delay, or hassle of acquiring additional hardware.

Axacute designed for manufacturers. Dashboard
Axacute designed for manufacturers. Dashboard

Measurement leads to Improvement

Designed for Manufacturers

Unlike the common Inventory systems, Axacute is designed with Manufacturers in mind.

In addition to finished goods Inventory, Axacute also manages raw materials and work-in-progress (WIP) inventory. Manufacturing companies have distinct requirements such as semi-finished goods, lot traceability, raw materials picking, etc and Axacute caters for all these requirements.

Portal to your Digital Inventory

Mobile Inventory

Get your work done from  anywhere including generating barcode labels, doing stock transfers and adjustments; and performing mobile picking and receiving which optimizes the whole warehouse processes, eliminating double entries.

Our mobile feature puts your warehouse operation in your pocket. Everyone has access to stock levels, pending orders, and more in real-time.

Axacute inventory features mobile responsive
Axacute inventory features barcode label
Axacute inventory features barcode scanning

Accuracy and Precision

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes provide a speedier, accurate and mechanized way of collecting inventory data and tracking stock. 

Each item can be tracked using Barcode from the time the item is received, picked, issued out, packed and shipped. 

Through barcode validation we can ensure that the right items are picked at all time eliminating human error.

Cradle-to-grave Traceability

Lot Traceability

Manually tracking lots gets more and more time-consuming and lot traceability applies to raw materials, finished goods and everything in between which is strenuous without a system to track. 

Axacute’s lot traceability feature allows you to trace the item to its source in case of a recall. Example we will know which raw material batch went into which job and which job went into which shipment.

Axacute Inventory features lot traceability
Axacute Inventory features lot traceability
Axacute Inventory Features Fifo & Fefo Inventory Allocation
Axacute Inventory Features Fifo & Fefo Inventory Allocation

Inventory Valuation

FIFO & FEFO Inventory Allocation

Axacute can also help maintain material rotation, whether through first-in, first-out (FIFO) or first-expired, first-out (FEFO) practices. FIFO or FEFO can maintain product quality for items from aging out in the warehouse.  

The features can reduce the cost of stock expiring on your shelf and prevent waste.

Extensive Configurations

Configurable Functionalities

Axacute has the ability to configure many of its functionality to suit the users requirement.

Example: Axacute system allows administrators to control access to different warehouses. 

The system can control the picking policy to allow to enforce or not to enforce from allocated locations.

Axacute Features Configurable Functionalities
Axacute Features Configurable Functionalities

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Comprehensive Features

Axacute General Features



  • Purchase order management 
  • Inventory and non-inventory items 
  • Multiple warehouses 
  • Auto-close purchase order upon reaching threshold 
  • Customer order returns
  • Prevent over receipt 
  • Generate receipt barcode labels 
  • Reject or return management 
  • Auto generate expiry date based on default shelf life 
Axacute inventory features incoming process
Axacute inventory features outgoing process


  • Customer order management 
  • Multiple warehouses 
  • Auto-close customer order upon reaching threshold 
  • Allocation management 
  • Allocation by FEFO, FIFO, lot number or location ranking 
  • Pick to staging location 
  • Generate shipment barcode labels 
  • Expired items control 
  • Purchase order returns 


  • Multi-warehouse and locations 
  • Stock movements management between warehouses 
  • Transfer order shipment 
  • Transfer order receipt 
  • Multiple count batches. Each batch contains multiple count sheets 
  • Assign counters to count sheets 
  • Suspend count sheet to resolve variances 
  • Freeze and unfreeze inventory 
  • Perform inventory count using mobile device (paperless) 
  • Single Order Pick List 
  • Batch Pick List 
  • Zone Pick List 
  • Pick List Due Date and Time 
  • Batch assign picker 
  • Limit Pick List Load by Number of Item or Order 
  • Pick List Header and Line Status Control 
  • Auto Close Pick List 
  • Mobile Pick List 
  • Pick or Unpick 
  • Miscellaneous receipts and issues 
  • Stock location transfer within same warehouse 
Axacute inventory features warehouse management
Axacute inventory features inquiry and reporting



  • Inventory transactions by item
  • Inventory balance
  • Lot expiry
  • Purchase order receipt history by vendor
  • Customer order shipment history by customer
  • Reorder report
  • Purchase order status
  • Customer order status

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