Axacute Partner Program

We believe in partnerships. Axacute partners are a combination of Implementation, Integration and Referral Partners. Axacute partner program provides all the resources you need to be successful!

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Implementation Partner

You are familiar with manufacturing and warehouse operations. You may also provide Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) and infrastructure solutions to your customers. Experienced with software implementation will definitely be a plus point.

We will certify your implementers and provide your sales team with leads. Let’s work together to help our customers digitize their operations.

Axacute Partners
Integration Partner

Integration Partner

Customers would want more value from their existing software investment. Help us to help you extend each other’s product functionalities and value to our customers. 

As Axacute’s API is readily available, be Axacute’s Integration Partner to extend the functionalities of your solution without incurring large development expenditures. 

We’ll feature you on our website and get your business in front of our users.

Referral Partner

Axacute Referral Program allows you to refer clients to us and earn 20% when they subscribe to Axacute. You can also offer clients your own consulting services, packages and expertise.

Referral Partner

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