Production Management System

Gain instant shop floor visibility

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Designed for manufacturers to manage shop floor operations from material picking, Work-In-Progress tracking, scrap recording, labor and machine hours recording and finished goods receipt.  


Get full access to your production  into the status of your factory, including labour hours, part counts, machine utilization, and OEE from your computer or mobile.


Low IT infrastructure costs. Manage all shop floor operations on the cloud and scale up whenever you need it without the cost, delay, or hassle of acquiring additional hardware.

Axacute Features real-time WIP

Constantly Updated

Real-Time Work-in-Progress Tracking

Track progress of job orders in real-time, giving you a virtual window into your shop floor operations.

When a job inquiry is performed, the user is able to view the status and details of all job orders.

The progress bar indicates the percentage of job completed for the job order while colour indicators displays status of job order, whether it is completed, on time, late or due soon.

Increased Productivity

Track Labor Productivity

Labor is one of the significant costs of manufacturing and it needs to be managed.

Use the Labor Tracking function in Axacute to record each person’s work on each production process, track labor hours spent on non-production activities like training or breaks and capture total labor hours per operation in each Job Order.

Axacute Production Features Track Labour Productivity
Axacute Production Features Track Labour Productivity
Axacute Production Features track machine utilization
Axacute Production Features track machine utilization

Visualize Performance

Track Machine Utilization

By increasing the utilization of equipment you can help prevent jobsite delays and minimize unnecessary equipment rental costs. 

Measure machine utilization of each operation by tracking downtime, run and setup hours.

Assign multiple reason codes for downtime hours (e.g. accidents, unavailable spare parts, poor shutdown planning, human error etc.)

Impressive Details

Multi-level Bill of Materials

Axacute supports Multi-level bill of materials to provides you a much clearer picture as to the structure of the item being manufactured. User can create and maintain different revision of bill of materials in the system. The system provides the function to copy the bill of materials to create parent and child job orders.

Axacute production features multi-level bill of materials
Axacute production features multi-level bill of materials
Axacute production features quality control
Axacute production features quality control

Precision Matters

Quality Control

Quality control ensures production of quality products which is immensely helpful in attracting more customers for the product thereby increasing sales.

Dig deeper to obtain better insights of root causes to quality issues by being able to assign reason to rejects.

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Comprehensive Features

Axacute General Features


Work-in-Progress (WIP)

  • Material quantity per and scrap factor 
  • Operations and Routing 
  • Multi-Level BOM 
  • Create parent and child job orders from BOM 
  • Job orders and paperwork 
  • Attach files to job orders. Allows shopfloor personnel to view files 
  • Tracks job progress (completion and lateness) 
  • Option to move jobs between operations without recording labour or machine run 
  • Generate and print job sheet 
  • Job material issue 
  • Materials issuance status 
  • Check for over issuance 
  • Material return 
  • Generate material barcode labels 
Axacute production features work-in-progress
Axacute production features finished goods receipt, labour efficiency

Finish Goods Receipt

Labour Hours

Machine Hours


Axacute Production Features Machine efficiency
Axacute production features reporting


  • Job Operation Hours 
  • Job Scrap Summary 
  • Item Scrap Summary 
  • Machine Status Summary 
  • Material Issued 
  • Item Production Completion Summary 
  • Labour Status Summary 
  • Job Order Status 
  • Job Operation Hours By Route 
  • Job Scrap Summary By Route 

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