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An introduction to Axacute

Axacute's Story

Axacute consists of a team which has, over several decades, implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) across the manufacturing sector. While ERP is a comprehensive integrated solution, it can also be daunting and sometimes too complicated to implement for small businesses. Small businesses have limited manpower and in-house IT skills and it is with this in mind that the Axacute team came together to design a solution that doesn’t require an IT department to maintain, easy to use and quick to deploy with minimal disruption to existing accounting system.

We believe that small businesses do not need to incur large software investment to get results from warehouse and shop floor operational efficiencies. For this reason, Axacute was born; catering to the needs of small manufacturers looking for an all-in-one solution for their Warehouse and Shop Floor operations. 


Our mission at Axacute is to devise cost effective and easy-to-use solutions that are geared towards helping small manufacturing companies to achieve operational efficiencies in their digitization efforts towards Industry 4.0. 

The Case for Axacute

After two years of Covid-19, the world has not recovered from its effects. There is a crunch in supply chain logistics. Further aggravated by world-wide chip shortage. In addition, recent tremors have affected the prices of essential manufacturing commodities such as aluminium, nickel and other metals. The net effect of rising living cost has also driven the wages higher.

Faced with this unprecedented situation, SMEs have to turn to technology to raise productivity without heavy capital investment. Digitization of the organization is one way. The reduction of conversion from paper to digital increase the velocity of information and reduces efficiencies in labour usage.

By inputting the data from business processes directly into digital form, we have accurate, real-time information to act upon. SMEs can use information to reduce stock holding levels, plan manpower, ascertain wastages and react quickly to business events.

First step is the hardest.

Most would start with the warehouse. Mounting scanners on forklifts and portable scanners allow better inventory accuracy and faster locating of goods and improving manpower utilizations. From receiving to shipping, Axacute captures key warehouse operations. Axacute reduces paper by generating electronic pick lists for shipping. Reconciling the stock on hand with physical no longer need to be tedious and long-drawn process.

Production is an excellent digitization candidate for Axacute. For labour intensive industries, they face difficulties in tracking the usage and utilization of workers. Machine run and down time are hardly accurate. With Axacute, we track labour activities whether it is production related or non-production. Machine hours are captured and compared against standard rates to measure efficiency. Scheduled and unscheduled down times are tracked to give insights into availability of resources.

Axacute is dedicated to serve small manufacturing companies and we have addressed their many challenges by providing economical and easy to use solutions to improve their operational efficiencies. Instead of going through a big-bang approach of converting all the existing systems to an ERP system, we provide an alternative option to customers who would instead prefer to go on a gradual approach to rolling out digitization across their warehouse and shop floor operations. The benefits of this are, implementation can be more readily accepted by people, cheaper and reduce the risk of failure.

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