What is Inventory Control? Definition, Challenges and Best Practices

Inventory control is managing and tracking a business's inventory to ensure that the right products are in stock at the right time.

What Is Inventory Control?

Inventory control is the process of managing and tracking a business’s inventory to ensure that the right products are in stock at the right time. It involves ordering, storing, and tracking inventory levels to prevent shortage, overstocking, and other inventory-related issues. Effective inventory control can help businesses save time and money, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction. In this article, we will explore some of the challenges businesses face during implementation, and discuss best practices for improving inventory management.

Challenges In Inventory Control

Implementing effective inventory control can be challenging for many businesses. Some of the common challenges include:

1. Limited Visibility

Without real-time visibility into inventory levels, businesses may struggle to make informed decisions about when to order products and how much inventory to keep on hand.

2. Forecasting Demand

Accurately forecasting demand is essential for effective inventory control. However, businesses may struggle to forecast demand accurately, leading to overstocking or shortage.

3. Choosing the right inventory management software

With so many inventory management software options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. Businesses need to consider their unique needs, budget, and scalability when selecting an inventory management solution. 

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4. Manage stocks across multiple locations

If a business has multiple locations, managing inventory across all locations can be complex and time-consuming.

Best Practices For Inventory Control

To overcome these challenges, businesses can implement the following best practices for effective inventory control:

1. Implement real-time inventory tracking

Using real-time inventory tracking can help businesses to be well-informed of the inventory levels. How much stocks do we currently have? How much do we have to reorder to ensure we have enough and avoid shortages? With real-time inventory tracking, it can help you answer these questions.

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2. Forecast demand accurately

Using historical sales data and other metrics, businesses can forecast demand more accurately and adjust inventory levels accordingly.

3. Choose a suitable inventory management software

Every business needs are unique and different. Budget and scalability options should be considered when choosing inventory management software. 

4. Optimize inventory levels

By tracking inventory levels and adjusting stock levels, businesses can optimize inventory levels to reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

5. Standardize inventory management processes

Standardizing inventory management processes can help businesses improve efficiency and reduce errors.

6. Implement safety stock levels

Safety stock levels can help businesses prepare for unexpected fluctuations in demand and prevent shortages that may result in unfulfilled requests.


Inventory control is an essential part of inventory management that can help businesses cost in terms of time and money, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction. Start implementing real-time inventory tracking to forecasting demand accurately, standardize inventory management processes and optimize inventory levels. Do not forget, choosing the right inventory management software can lead to great results and overcome the challenges of effective inventory control. 

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